PUBG Skins

Where can I buy PUBG skins?

PUBG items and skins can be bought buy opening PUBG crates in-game. From December 2019, all new PUBG crates are unlocked and will be free to open. Crates can be purchased in-game using PUBG's BP currency, which can be earnt by playing the game. Previously most crates required a purchased key to open. In addition to getting skins in-game, all PUBG skins and items can bought and sold directly on the Steam Marketplace.

How to get PUBG skins for free?

Earning PUBG's BP currency by playing the game is a straightforward way to get free PUBG skins. Spend your BP to buy a PUBG crate and you will win whatever free skin is inside. Occasionally PUBG Corp will also giveaway free PUBG skins for all those playing the game to mark notable events. Other collaborations, such as with Twitch have also meant that any Twitch Prime subscriber could claim certain free PUBG loot.

Are PUBG skins tradeable?

No. Personal trading for PUBG skin was disabled in back in May 2018, following a annoucement from PUBG Corp. Since then, the only option has been to buy/sell PUBG weapon skins and items through the Steam Marketplace. It is no longer possible to trade PUBG items with other players or 3rd party sites. Whilst disablng trading was only meant to be a temporary measure, skins trading still remains unavailable to this day.

Is PUBG skins betting still active?

Using PUBG skins and items for betting is no longer possible. However it is still possible to bet on PUBG esports events using other payment methods such as credit card, Webmoney, QIWI, Neteller, CS:GO skins and cryptocurrency. Check out our list of PUBG betting sites where you can find great deals and promos to start betting on PUBG matches.