PUBG Cases

Ever since crates were added into PUBG, they have been extremely popular with gamers. Opening a crate gives you the change to win 1 of a selection of PUBG items to be used in game. Cases can be bought using points earned in game, but that's often a slow grind and so naturally, player's look for faster and cheaper alternatives.

As with CSGO, PUBG Case sites offer chances to win items using a 3rd party system. Each site has a unique set of cases with different odds and costs. Shop around and find the best PUBG site that suits your needs. Whether you're a high roller or looking for free PUBG skins, there are sites out there for you.

Using these PUBG sites listed will give you an easy time getting skins. You will get to open cases at a minimum price and have greater chances of winning skins. Some of these sites give you the chance to create customized cases and select your odds. They may also have free offers as well as provide you with working codes to use.

CasesNew PUBG sites to win PUBG skins, items and crates - Free codes and offers for new PUBG sites!

Unbox Skins
  • Open different PUBG and CSGO cases to win.
  • Bid on special bid cases for your chance to snag a cheap skin
  • Play now at Unbox Skins. Use code: BOXER for free coins
  • Open various PUBG and CSGO cases.
  • Play now at Hellcase. Get .60 free on sign up
GO Case free code GOBIG
  • Case opening site with case types to open and win PUBG items.
  • Get the skins you desire at GO Case via the marketplace.
  • Get a daily bonus by sharing on social media.
  • Play now at GO Case. Use code: GOBIG for $1.65 free!
Holy Boost free case code BOOSTED
  • Open Holy Boost cases to win PUBG, CSGO and H1Z1 items.
  • Unique cases to open.
  • Holy Boost is no longer operating. Check out our promos for other active PUBG sites.
Case Devil
  • Case Devil has many different PUBG cases to choose from.
  • Daily sales so you can open cases for cheaper!
  • Case Devil is no longer operating. Check out our promos for other active PUBG sites.